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The Story



Let's go back to1996 when California passed Proposition 215 aka “The Compassionate Use Act” . This proposition gave cultivators protection from state prosecution as long you operated with in the guidelines. To put it in perspective it was medicinally legal in the state  of California but still very illegal on a federal level.  Needless to say it was very confusing time.  

It all started about 15 yrs ago for us. We had a passion for cannabis and wanted to learn to grow.  We looked all over Humboldt County for property and settled in a town called Willow Creek. We were excited to finally be a part of the world renowned Humboldt cannabis community. 

The property we acquired was raw land with mostly trees and dirt. It took months of building to get it ready for cannabis cultivation. Once the camp and greenhouses were up we were ready to plant our first crop. In a matter of months our greenhouse was full and harvest was on the horizon.  It was a tough year full of success and failure but we stayed the course. Every year was different and with even more challenges to overcome. 

Then in 2013 the federal government released the Cole Memo. This was a huge relief knowing the federal government would not pursue anyone following state cannabis laws. The hope for licensing was on the forefront of everyones minds. Then in 2016 California decided it was time legalize recreationally. We moved forward and received our first license in 2017.  We were now part of the regulated market in Humboldt County. A true badge of honor. To this day we stay committed to bringing only quality, clean, cannabis products to the legal California market. 

Thanks for taking the time to read our story! We hope you enjoyed it! 

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